Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What I did on my Christmas Vacation

I was somehow able to sneak in some scrapping time over the Christmas break. Deadlines definitely help (thanks, BYOM!). And then I just kept at it and did more things in January. Shocking, I know. But I'll save those for another post. These are the ones I did during that time between Christmas and New Years Day...

This is a favorite... I just liked how it all came together. These are pictures from Amanda & Greg's engagement party last Summer. I used Shannon's sketch and it definitely made this one a breeze!

This is from the Margie Romney-Aslett visit to MLPA in October. She's one heck of a great person and I really enjoyed the time sitting and talking with her... about her family and about her career. The journaling spot on here is actually a note she signed when she was here. I wanted to add it to a layout so I had her write it on some MM paper (how apropos, eh?). The journaling is hidden behind this note (which pivots on the brad you see). All of the flowers were x-acto cut out. It took about an hour, resulted in a very cramped hand but I like it a lot.

This one is a simple one from Thanksgiving. Matthew & Kathy duking it out over the wishbone:

And lastly, I altered a clock. I found this clock last Spring and was waiting for one of the BYOM kits to blend well with it. Voila! I wonder how long before I actually put a battery in it and making it a functioning clock. Speaking of which... do you know why analog clocks are always photographed with a time of "10:10" on it? Well... I'll tell you.... it's because visually appealing and resembles a smile. I'm just a wealth of useless knowledge.

Hopefully, I can keep this momentum going throughout January. Not likely but I never give up hope!


  1. Oh….you KNOW that I love that Margie page and want to steal the oh-so-perfect title for a page of my very own. All that cutting of the flowers was so worth it…..very cool!!!!

  2. Thanks for inviting me... you've got lots posted already! I am also a font of useless knowledge (Chris asks me on a regular basis how I know some of the things I know) and did know that 10:10 is appealing because of the 'smile'. Another reason we should live closer... we could amaze people with all of our combined useless knowledge!

  3. Hey, I had no idea about the clock face always being 10:10! I've learned something new today!!!


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