Saturday, January 15, 2011

A New Year, A New Self-Challenge

Two Year Anniversary!!  Sadly... two years since I last posted here.  Ack!

But I'm back and have challenged myself to something new this year in order to get back into the swing of things, stay motivated and spread the love.  Just as for all of you, family is everything.  I would do anything I could for my brothers & sisters and they've gone way beyond for me in more ways than you could imagine.  My sisters are always doing little things for me and it's never ending.  So, this year, I decided to make a commitment to put my crafty talents to work and mail each of them a card every week for the entire year.  That's it, no requirements, no boundaries, nothing.  I think they'll like seeing something in the mail that isn't a bill or catalog (well, okay, we're catalog lovers), a sales ad (okay, we like those, too) or something sent to their alter ego "Resident".  I call them "Sister Cards". I'm looking forward to when they realize that one will be arriving every week.  :0)

To help me keep track of things, I'm scanning all of them so that hopefully I won't repeat a quote or sentiment (I can't begin to guarantee they all won't start looking alike, though!).  I'll share here each week.  As luck would have it, I've been slapped with a nasty flu/cold/virus/whatever that nearly everyone else has.  I got it on December 29th and I'm still not feeling great.  So, I started out the year a bit behind.  So, even though this is week 2, I'm just posting week 1 now...

The outside.  I used Scenic Route papers on Kraft cardstock, some jute a flower and a custom brad I made from pages torn from an old book.  Since I was using a Winnie-the-Pooh quote on the inside, I found appropriate text for the flower center.  :0)

The inside... My sisters are always people I can "be sure of" and that's why I chose this quote.

I thought this would be a good way to start the year!


  1. yay! looks great & sounds like a great way to stay in the groove. not to mention i'm sure your sisters will appreciate the delivery each week.

  2. Love your card and I'm sure your sisters will !! Sorry to hear you were under the weather, wishing you a very creative year ! Do you have a Scor-Pal ? A great investment for keeping your card style varied.

  3. Call me sentimental, but I got a lump in my throat (and no, I'm not choking on cookies!). This is beautiful. Another reason to wish you were my sister. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Your sisters are soooooo lucky....I would *LOVE* to call you family.


    Your biggest fan

  5. What a sweet gesture. I'm sure your sisters will love it!!

  6. I love it Colleen! I can't wait to keep coming back to see your cards. That brad with the book paper to go with the quote inside is very clever! Thanks for linking me up and letting me know you were posting again.

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well... hope you're back to normal soon.

  7. Colleen, I LOVE this!! The handmade brad going along with the quote on the inside is a great little touch!

  8. What a great idea! Cards and "real mail" are always fun to receive, and what a great way to be creative throughout the year. Looking forward to the future weeks!

  9. Great idea, and so excited to be seeing your creativeness again, I've missed it tremendously. The brad is adorable!

    Your sisters will love the cards and the weekly mail :)

    Hope you're feeling better.

  10. yay. yay. yay!
    can't wait to see what you create. welcome back!


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